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World Soccer Champs is an entertaining and thrilling sports game where players can create a dream team and join countless real leagues worldwide. It also uses a lovely, friendly, and humorous visual quality to make it easier to reach the players while giving them the best views of their surroundings. In addition, many advanced functions and features will allow players to manage the entire team effectively.

Download World Soccer Champs APK Latest Version

App Name World Soccer Champs
 Publisher Pikachu APP
 Genre Sports
 Size 50M
 Latest Version 6.0.1
 MOD Info Unlimited Money, Unlocked

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Manage your team and try to lead them to sweet success in this fun and thrilling soccer game. Includes hundreds of real football leagues and cups from around the world, as well as loads of local clubs and national teams. Take your national team to Qatar and compete in the most prestigious soccer competition in the world.

The sleek interface will completely immerse you in the electrifying drama of every match. Impress the fans and pass, dribble and shoot your way to victory using intuitive swipe-controls. Manage your team, score goals, win trophies, change clubs and reach victory!

World Soccer Champs APK Features

START YOUR CLUB FOUNDATION – The basics are the first steps if players want to create a superior and versatile team that can compete against stronger clubs in the future. Therefore, World Soccer Champs will introduce entertaining gameplay where players can take care of the team and control them to glorious goals. Much other unique content in building the team will gradually open up for players to discover over time.

IMMERSIVE CONTROL MECHANISM – The control mechanism for all units in the club is flexible and versatile, even highly responsive to give players the best experience. They can also combine with basic formations to improve control performance in real-time matches. In addition, players can perform the typical skills of soccer stars by smoothly coordinating the movement and control mechanism.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR BATTLE FORMATION – The formation is the key element that World Soccer Champs wants players to make the most of throughout their career as a coach and manager. Meanwhile, each club member has many unique stats and abilities, suitable for different positions to build solid lines in the match. Of course, players can customize everything, even linking tactics with formations to deal with varying types of enemies.

MANAGE YOUR SOCCER CLUB – The performance and status of each club member are important, and players need to take care of or enhance their performance for better results in multiple matches. The club will gradually expand and give players more ideas to develop all members to excel. Moreover, players can provide more facilities or build more new areas so that every member has a better mood or training effect.

PARTICIPATE IN GRAND TOURNAMENTS – Tournaments are ideal locations if players are looking for more complex challenges or generous rewards and club sponsors. Depending on the overall ability of the entire team, it will sort players into different leagues, where they must climb a dense ranking to have a solid position in the world. Of course, all the opponents in the tournament are real players, suitable for enhancing the environment of the matches.

DISCOVER AND HIRE PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS – While wandering around, players will sometimes find high-class stars in the football world. However, players have to pay them, even recruit more talents to strengthen the club’s main squad. World Soccer Champs will introduce a valuable contract system that allows players to hire professionals and make the entire squad more diverse and prosperous.

The entertainment and relaxation in World Soccer Champs are absolute as it allows players to manage and control a dream team with many talents. Furthermore, match or tournament placement systems are ideal places to take individual skills to the next level. Many unique features and mechanics are guaranteed to enhance the player’s experience to new heights for this exciting football genre.

More than 100 different leagues and cups in the world – World Soccer Champs currently has more than 100 different leagues and cups, hundreds of teams around the world, and player names are real names because they have been copyrighted. Control a tiny Lionel Messi to move as fast as he could on the pitch and then grab the ball, heroically kick a shot into the goal. It feels like you are the true hero on the pitch! And believe me, no matter what club you like, you can find and accompany them in this game.


  • Innovative gameplay and Intelligent opponents.
  • 200+ leagues and cups from all around the world.
  • Real player names with downloadable data pack.
  • Huge database of 36.000 players and more than 3400 clubs.
  • Google Play achievements & leaderboards to see who ranks on top.
  • Simple to play, challenging to dominate.

Final Verdict

It is such a simple game with so many fun and cute images and forehand control.  It will be where you learn a lot of good tactics. It’s worth the experience. You will be addicted to it and play it for many hours guys.

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