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Tuning Club Online is a unique driving game in real time via the network. Stop racing the rival ghosts or bots. Build your car, play with friends and rivals around the world.

Tuning Club Online is a friendly and rewarding playground for tuning vehicle enthusiasts to gather and have the most fun. For that reason, its main content or core gameplay is to immerse players in a diverse and in-depth design system, providing them with a variety of unique entertainment besides racing. On top of that, players can drive their favorite cars with friends and roam around the city at night.

Download Tuning Club Online APK Latest Version

App Name Tuning Club Online
 Publisher Pikachu APP
 Genre Racing
 Size 709M
 Latest Version 2.1511
 MOD Info Full Nitro

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Tuning Club Online is very different from other racing games. Tuning Club Online is a real-time online racing game. Not only racing, suitable for all ages and can play together, you can also do many other things in the game: customize cars, interact with players, observe other players racing, and participate in exciting tournaments in the game.

Tuning Club Online APK Features

EXCITING AND INTUITIVE RACING GAMEPLAY – Although the main content in Tuning Club Online is to get players to customize cars to create monsters in many areas, it still wants them to enjoy the races to the fullest. Meanwhile, it introduces more attractive game modes focused on online multiplayer to enhance gameplay value or tense atmosphere. Several prominent elements will be presented throughout the gameplay, giving players more options to explore the game.

In addition to the variety of game modes, the control mechanisms are also fully optimized to show smoothness and flexibility in each movement. Moreover, the tracks are uniquely and creatively designed to stimulate the player’s racing ability for several important factors. The potential and impressive control system will constantly amaze players with the unique ideas they can explore while driving various vehicles.

TUNING VEHICLE WITH EXOTIC IMAGINARY – Besides the bustling and chaotic atmosphere, the game has an accessible vehicle customization system for players to unleash their creativity in vehicle design. That mechanic includes every detail of the vehicle, and the player can actively draw or design unique effects. They can also sell designs to the store, where the pros always buy unique designs from other players.

You can say that the vehicle customization system in this game is a revolution worthwhile in the racing genre. Besides customization, players can assemble engines or upgrade the performance of each unit through parts collected from races. But the reward system is random, though the game still has the perfect balance to the players’ confidence to drive more cars and win first place with fabulous prizes.

PICTURESQUE AND DYNAMIC GRAPHICS – Tuning Club Online offers players exciting gameplay, a diverse customization system, and, finally, high-quality 3D graphics. It makes every visual effect realistic in detail and optimizes many things for players to have the best driving experience possible. On top of that, its camera system is superior, constantly changing vividly to give players the most realistic and immersive racing experience that other racing games don’t have.

IMMENSE COMMUNITY OF ONLINE SESSIONS – Most of the time, players in Tuning Club Online interact with others through popular online activities. That includes teaming up vehicle tuning, exciting racing modes, and trading high-value parts for individual vehicle types. The entire gameplay of the game mainly depends on online activities. Still, it is the main source of entertainment for the players, helping them expand their skills when interacting with many people.

Tuning Club Online uses the ultimate graphics engine to sketch out almost everything for the player, including fluid controls and an immersive racing experience. Moreover, its online activities always have a lot of new things from time to time, creating an environment for people to interact with each other dynamically and develop their careers effectively.

Customize the car – The car customization workshop in Tuning Club Online is quite large. You can choose any accessories, machines, engines, car colors, stickers… You will be the main character and have to be familiar with the details of the car to build, assemble and shape your own car. Playing racing online games is also a place for people to show off whose racing car is the most beautiful, stylish, and quality. This online process itself is not only creating cars according to preferences but also partly challenging and expressing the high aesthetic of the player.

From the available base cars such as E36, RX7, Skyline, Evolution, you can continue to customize to create a unique car that is unmatched. The car tuning in this game is deeper than the games I’ve ever known. It’s not just the looks, you can also interfere with the individual customization parts that show off your personality, like the tires, wheels, bumpers, body kits, spoilers, hood. There are also FBI lights, clown heads, taxi signs, and many other add-ons. It is even possible to build a new engine, combining different parts to create a car that is epic in appearance, powerful in strength, and super fast.

Test the car and start racing – After assembling and customizing, you will test it to see if your finished product is beautiful and strong enough. To test the car, you will test drive a few laps around the track. If all goes well, accelerate to maximum speed to see how many thresholds the car can reach. And if something is wrong, or the desired function is missing, you have to go back to the workshop to take a closer look and make corrections if necessary.

When customizing and testing the car is fine, it’s time to officially enter the race. You will actively participate in large and small races around the world. In which each race is a big competition. In every turn, every move on the road can help you learn a lot of good driving experience and skills, saving to apply next time.

Play with your friends and rivals around the world – Online racing is the biggest and most attractive feature of Tuning Club Online. Not only racing, but you can also freely interact with other players in real-time. Each player can create their own character, personality, appearance, and power. Once in the race, depending on your choice, you can choose for yourself a gentle style or a fast-speed style to race with your friends.

Sit in a luxury car, leisurely travel through beautiful roads around the world. You will travel by your favorite car to many attractive places, at a slow or full speed, it’s up to you to choose when playing.

Tuning Club Online also offers many tournaments and annual racing programs around the world. At each different level, you can set clear goals for yourself, earn money, receive rewards and conquer the highest position on the track.

Key Features

  • Have a free ride and chat with friends.
  • Push maximum power in the speed race.
  • Leave smoking trails on the track in drift mode.
  • Fight for the crown in hold the crown mode.
  • Don’t let anyone catch you in a bomb mode.
  • Pick up boosters on the levels to slow down your opponents, earn money, get nitro, pick up the crown or arrange a real bombardment.
  • Put bumpers, body kits, hoods, spoilers, apply vinyls or skins, choose tires and wheels.
  • Customize car with your own unique style with skins, install police and FBI lights, taxi sign, clown head, crazy tailpipes and more.
  • Build an engine to fit your playing style and become a pro.
  • Combine rare parts and their unique qualities.
  • Put the piston, crankshaft, camshaft, flywheel and other parts.
  • Adjust suspension, camber and offset.
  • Change tires for best grip.

Final verdict

Play Tuning Club Online with your friends and drive luxury cars around the city with colored lights in the evening, wandering alone wandering the roads at dawn… You can do everything in this amazing racing game. Let’s download and play this game right away.

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