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Mobile Royale, launched under the leadership of IGG, has a strong foothold in the Vietnamese mobile game market, promising to bring you the most fun moments with dramatic battles. The game has a global scale with attractive tactics, and your task is to trade with other tribes and train different types of troops to build your army. Participating in challenging battles with noble missions, you need to equip yourself with the most powerful combat skills to conquer the war quickly. Immerse yourself in bloody battles and become the world’s greatest hero; download the game and experience it today.

Conquer Lands with a Dragon!

Mobile Royale is an online strategy game that connects many players around the world together. The game set that goal to build your city and see it as your empire. As you can often see if it’s a construction strategy game, you will have a separate town where you will build from the smallest things to the most significant things. The main activities you can do in this game are city development, land trading, joining guilds, forming alliances, etc. But the most important thing you need to pay attention to is building build your army.

Millions of players around the world, sharing a server

You will use your command to explore and conquer the world. For each type of race such as humans, goblins, dwarves, and monsters, you can consider the positive characteristics of each species to build a strong army. In addition, the game allows you to change the army lineup which affects the defeat of a battle. You will need to consider and improve the posture so that you can choose the best match to play against the enemy.


Enter the vivid fantasy world Vollandia, and your task is to control a tribe and find a way to help other tribes unite after the land is divided, trying to make the country back. unified. During the battle, you will be supported by the Guardian Dragon, shouldering the great responsibility you need to try not to disappoint everyone’s expectations. You will have to make many decisions, each of which is important and will significantly affect the tribe you are leading. So it would be best if you were highly focused summon generals to combine research management and technology with building diplomacy with other tribes to link together.


The map opens with a large open world with countless complex challenges waiting for you to conquer. Join the battle you need to occupy villages and assemble a mighty army to destroy monsters together. Occupying towns where you can loot other players’ items is vital in designing battle strategies. Not only that, during the game, you can upgrade the strength of the Guardian Dragon and the generals by buying rare items. To purchase items, you will have to destroy monsters to collect resources and open up opportunities for advancement for your army.

Epic graphics

Specifically, the game has the latest update on December 28, 2018, with the Dragon – a powerful new force is added to your army. They all try to satisfy users’ wishes to give them interesting experiences while exploring this colorful and natural world. In addition, since it is an online game, the game’s capacity is not too heavy because it is all downloaded through the internet. The game does not require too much configuration to play. Mobile Royale will surely make you satisfied with the beautiful 3D animation with majestic scenery to help you explore a world and immerse yourself in it. You can build yourself a kingdom and an army. Install and experience a whole new world.


Enter a mysterious spiritual world filled with ancient legends and wars worldwide in a dramatic setting. You are the one who decides everything, the key to success – failure. You will determine who will be the enemy, who will be the friend, and open up the development directions for the whole team. To complete this noble task, you and the Guardian Dragon Legends will have to help team members develop their cities, contribute to significant projects, and work together to plan joint action. You will receive many attractive rewards to increase your strength and upgrade your hero as your army grows more robust.


Before completing the noble mission, you will have to plan to build big projects like Warship or Flying Fortress, which will give you momentum to achieve the critical mission well. Become the most powerful arena master, help army members destroy enemies, and collect items. Sweep the battle and become the greatest commander but most importantly, connect the tribes to accompany in destroying the enemy. With ten tribes and five species spread worldwide, it will be a huge obstacle for you in finding and merging. However, nothing can make it difficult for you because you are the most powerful arena master, sweeping and turning the battle into your playground.

Unique strategy game

With the criterion that an online game wants to attract a lot of players, the graphics must be carefully designed and eye-catching because the first time seeing a game is a factor affecting the success of the game in the eyes of users. For example, the simulation game is quite lively and majestic scenes including waterfalls, large and small islands, etc. to stimulate players to explore a new world. In addition, the game is designed according to the 3rd perspective to help players can observe the map, their army and set out the necessary strategies. Each manufacturer is focused on ensuring the connection of the game, so they always update the new software and fix some fundamental errors according to the player’s feedback.


Immerse yourself in a vivid fantasy world, and you will be overwhelmed with the game’s graphics designed to be highly realistic. Open up the direction for the whole team and plan to add new heroes to join the guild. The game is designed with sharp graphics great images to give players an exciting experience. Flexible game mode with simple operations, it is straightforward for you to lead the battle and help the federations cooperate in fighting. Try to slay the beasts of death and level up your hero for a chance to gather lots of data related to tribes and resources that will significantly aid you in completing your noble quest.


  • Huge map with a realistic 3D environment, experience the battle in the dramatic fantasy world.
  • Compelling storyline brings excitement to players and the desire to conquer and link guilds together.
  • Build massive projects like Warships and Flying Fortresses to make your battle planning and trading more accessible.
  • With an extensive system of characters and troops, there are many different battle formations to choose from.
  • Not alone because with the help of the legendary Guardian Dragon, let’s try to help the country unify after being divided

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