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Idle Arks is a sea-based survival game. Build a raft for survival, save the other survivors, and form a team of boat builders to explore new continents and civilizations. In this idle game, only 1% of captains can complete the task of building a boat. Will you be one of them?

Once, a sudden flood submerged every town. Disaster swept across the world. After the disaster, the world returned to a short period of calmness. We need to build an ark for survival as soon as possible!

Download Idle Arks: Build at Sea APK Latest Version

App Name Idle Arks: Build at Sea
 Publisher Pikachu APP
 Genre Casual
 Size 97M
 Latest Version 2.3.19
 MOD Info Unlimited Money/Resources

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Successful with a series of idle games before, the publisher Bhome continued to launch a new project called Idle Arks. In the game, players will experience adventure on a small raft, floating on the vast sea. A lot of interesting things and unique environment are waiting for players to explore. If you are interested, let discover more about Idle Arks in the article below.

How to play

  • Tap to pick up driftwood and other shipbuilding materials from the sea.
  • Help the survivors and lead them to become members of the building crew.
  • Receive idle income, and upgrade your raft.
  • Sail the raft to explore surviving civilizations across the sea.

Idle Arks: Build at Sea will bring you to the familiar survival game genre, but instead of finding a way to survive on certain deserted land or island, you are brought to the middle of a vast ocean. Hearing this, you may think it’s not too tricky, but it must be said that the ocean is a hiding place for many scary sea creatures, and they will come to you at any time. Will you be able to face these upcoming dangers and try to overcome any adverse environmental surroundings?

Idle Arks: Build at Sea APK Game Features

FACE UP WITH MULTIPLE CHALLENGES BEEN PASSED – Surely you would never have thought that you would have to survive in a deserted place, or if you did, you would think that you would drift to an island or anywhere on the mainland. But you did not expect that when coming to Idle Arks, you would have a completely new experience of being precarious on a small wooden raft in the middle of a vast ocean. All around you now is only water, and you cannot find any direction to go, or rather you will have to stay here until some boat passes by.

First of all, you still have to survive first, but where will you find resources or food in a body of water like this? Don’t worry because the game will not make it difficult for you, and you will find floating wooden rafts near where you are standing, and you just have to swim there to bring them back. The next thing is to build them into a boat or a more secluded dwelling.

GRAPHICS AND OTHER UNIQUE EFFECTS – From the first time you first enter, you can recognize that this game is designed in the 3D style and takes inspiration from Minecraft to create everything around with cubes. The manufacturer is also quite ingenious when designing this style because it helps players have more excitement when playing a survival game. Because to help players get the best experience, they have designed the optimal viewing angle so that you can easily slide your hand and see everything around.

Not stopping there, but there will be many surprises that the game will bring to you, such as highly realistic weather effects. There is not only a clear and sunny sky but also unexpected snowfall or thunder. This will help you to learn or use your mind to think of ways to cope with inclement weather.

A survival game in a relatively new style that you should not ignore because it will bring you a lot of entertainment as well as relaxation. Idle Arks is not only aimed at entertainment, but it is also a place where players can learn more good tips and experiences needed when they have to survive in the middle of a deserted place, especially when they are in the middle of the ocean.

Raft Building – As an ambitious captain, you should have your own boat.You can build and upgrade your boat by swimming to collect wood, floating bottles, treasure chests, and other mysterious shipbuilding materials.

Form and Expand Your Crew – Rescue those who survived in the sea, and the survivors will be your crew.The more crew members you have, the faster the boat will be built.Enjoy being the savior of this idle game world!

Idle World – You can easily get idle rewards by automatically building boats during idle time. At the same time, easily gain idle rewards, as this idle game can grant you rewards even when offline!

Unlock Various Elements – Unlock more than 100 free building materials and boats, dozens of unique crew members and pets, and multiple surviving islands around the world to enjoy their different customs

3D Full Angle View – While playing this 3D game, you can easily swipe the screen to switch perspectives and appreciate your construction results from every angle.The 3D views from every angle allow you to notice even the slightest movements on the sea.

Realistic Recreation of Life on the Sea – Feel the snow, rain, unexpected lightning, and thunder. Resist this bad weather, defeat terrifying sea beasts, and save your raft from destruction.On sunny days, enjoy fishing and playing with your pets.Live every day and night with the utmost realism.

Final Verdict

Idle Arks is a satisfying idle game in which you can create your own raft to drift across the sea, save other survivors, rebuild civilizations, and, as the savior, start a fantastic sea adventure. If you enjoy simulation and idle games, and if you like freeform building, don’t miss Idle Arks!You will certainly have fun playing!

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