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Telugu movies can be seen or downloaded via the iBomma app, which offers a dedicated streaming Telugu movie platform.

The app features unique material and a movie collection where you can watch Telugu movies and movies on Android, iOS, and Windows for PC from anywhere.

Along with highly advanced streaming video technology with the greatest sound and navigation, you can also download your favourite content and enjoy it offline.

Download iBomma APK Latest Version

Name IBomma APK
Publisher Pikachu APP
Version V3.2
Ratings 4+
Updated on 4 December 2022
Required Android 4.0 and Up
Category Entertainment
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Additionally, this software offers movies with audio dubbing in many languages, including English and Hindi, that are accessible as online movies.

What is IBomma APK

The most well-known Telugu movie app, iBomma, offers Telugu movie streaming in particular, along with smart features and the most recent online material.

This app is used by thousands of people to watch Telugu movies in a variety of categories as well as a variety of dubbed movies in languages like Hindi and English.

If you’re looking for entertainment, download this app to your smartphone and watch Telugu movies in a variety of categories and languages while having fun with your loved ones.

This app, which categorises movies into categories for men, women, and children as well as other categories, is also available for south Indian films in the Telugu language.

iBomma APK Features

The user can install this IBomma apk and take use of numerous special features, which are described in the points below, and enjoy them.

Support for several languages

Hindi, English, or Telugu are just a few of the languages this app offers information in. The user of this function wants to view movies in many languages so that you can manage them according to your preferences wherever you are.

No cost subtitles

With the material displayed when watching movies, describing the words on it, and listing the films according to the names of movies and some serial numbers and languages in the app folders, the subtitles are also available.

Smoother than average

You’ll note that this programme offers a highly fluid user experience with the newest intelligent features, the best graphic animations, and a variety of movie categories with subtitles in Hindi or English.

Free to download

Since this programme can be downloaded for free and doesn’t require a subscription or any other payments, it works better overall and provides a better download experience.

Organizing and Classifying

The user can easily search for the movie they viewed on this app and watch it online whenever they want to download the movie and watch it offline so they may be entertained by it. This app offers material in various groups and categories.

Each of your movies

On this app, people of all ages watch movies that are offered in a variety of Hollywood and Bollywood films, ensuring that everyone will find something to enjoy.

Beautiful Flow Events

This program’s user interface is highly proactive and doesn’t disturb you by interfering with you as an advertisement pops up with interaction in the description of the application features.

Get the IBomma Apk

If you want to get this Ibomma Apk for enjoyment and watch Telugu movies in numerous categories in other languages, you can search for this application in the google play store and install it on your android smartphone. Then, you can enjoy it with your family and friends.


Are we safe using this app?

This app is secure for us, yes.

Can we make use of this app in Telugu?

Yes, Telugu speakers do use this software.

Does this app have no ads?

This app does not contain any advertising.

How do I locate this app?

This app is available on the website of the developer.

Is this application risk-free?

Yes, using this app carries no risks at all.


In order to watch Telugu movies and see it with different categories of movie collection in the absence of its official websites, I hope you verify this application and gather information about its features in this app. You can also download the movie if you want to watch it offline. If you can do entertained with this app, download it from the Google Play Store and install it on your smartphone.

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