Crux The Great Outdoors 1.0 APK (Paid) For Android Download

Climbing is about cautiously arranging your course and impeccable execution. In Essence you move your hands or feet to another hold – however each hold will just allow you to hold tight for such a long time. Find the succession of moves that get you to the top and execute them! What’s more, when you’ve arrived at every one of the tops – beat the highscores by completing each move in the least potential moves.

TouchArcade Game of the Week (Apr 22nd):
“The whole thing is incredibly enjoyable both from a thematic aspect and as a really solid puzzle game.”

Droid Gamers: “A sequel to possibly the finest climbing puzzler ever created.”

Pocket Gamer: “Oh the joy of victory. It’s still a delight.”

Accolades for Crux: A Climbing Game:
– iOS AppStore ‘Game of the Day’ (Nov 13 ’20)
– PocketGamer #1 ‘Game of the Week’ (Sep 10 ’20)

“Crux gives me some of the mental joys of climbing, if not the physical and social joy of doing it myself. In these times, that’s a pretty great thing.” Riley McLeod – Kotaku (Sep 11 ’20):

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